Friday, January 26, 2007

The Joys of Fatherhood

Not a day goes by that I don't recognize the influence my Dad has had on my life. I think of his work ethic, his morality, his sense of decency, the way he treats people and always gives them a fair shake. I think of all the weekends he wasted driving me around to hockey tournaments and freezing his butt off in those cold arenas just to watch me play. I think of how he taught me to use the hammer, table saw, drill press, but mostly I remember that he instilled in me a sense of worth, self confidence and decency. People say I'm just like him, and that makes me proud.

I'd thank God my father wasn't a muslim, but there is no God - especially for this poor girl.

Ahh the joys of fatherhood.


Anonymous said...

How can you or any other atheist feel joy or love or sadness or anything for that matter. You believe in nothing, therefore having nothing to live for. In your little empty minds and by your own ridiculous logic, you live in a completely pointless, empty world. Why you do even go on living, if there is no God...why have laws, or right and wrong or anything for that matter. What is the point of your existence at all. Your life is completely meaningless and without purpose...

Anonymous said...

What a ridiculous thing to say, Anonymous poster above me. To imply that the belief in a god is the only thing that could give life purpose is ludicrous. Atheists live for themselves, for others, for love, for happiness.

If we treat someone kindly, it's because we know it's right. And we know because we have hearts and brains--not because some minister fed it to us as children and we're afraid we'll go to hell if we don't.

How miserable it must be to have all your actions controlled by some imagined force.

Anti-Christ said...

You religious people call us atheists stupid , purposeless and "lost" (or damned to the eternal flames of hell) , and other such repugnant slime of a conviction , but even so , this thread did not discuss the meaningless of religion (which is fairly obvious) , but showed how you religious people and your MORONIC "meaning" kills innocent people and has taken thousands of lives for the unimportant values that you consider Godgiven.