Monday, February 5, 2007

Fun Loving People

You would think that maybe the party got out of hand, broke into the street causing mayhem and havoc, or that somebody was injured or worse. - and you'd be wrong. It turns out sitting around sipping brandy and making small talk with other people is against the law as these people have found out.
Apparently Islamic law applies to non-muslims. Anybody who thinks that they will leave us alone even in our own countries is delusional. As westerners we continue to put up with this nonsense. You know the muslims wouldn't. When a transgression takes place they take to the street burning, killing and generally leaving a wake of destruction in their path. Where is the outcry from the free societies. I'm certainly not advocating violence, that would be for the barbaric religious folks, but shouldn't there be some concerted, co-ordinated effort to shame these people into at least tolerating us, or at a minimum making it absolutely clear that their beliefs have no place in our free society?

When will we start fighting back?

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Is there no honor among terrorists?

The world was shocked to learn that the truce between Fatah and Hamas has been violated.
Apparently there is no honor among terrorists. But then any reasonable person would have known this. Is there anyone out there who could provide evidence that any truce has been upheld by these fuckers?
I would dearly like the Palestinian people to have a homeland and live in peace with Israel, but even if they agreed on the land, etc, etc, I fear that terrorism will always be the primary method of diplomacy for Muslims. As soon as they don't get the next thing they want, they'll be blowing shit up again. It's the elephant in the room that nobody wants to acknowledge. They have raised generation after generation to believe that a mother should feel great pride when her son blows himself up killing woman and children. I feel nothing but pity for the Palestinians, pawns in a struggle between the axes of evil (Christianity, Judaism and Islam), because somewhere along the way they lost their humanity.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

I want my epidural!

As I was reading this news article I found myself crossing my legs and remembering an episode of Northern Exposure in which Dr. Joel sums up what a women needs to know about child birth.
"I want my epidural!"

I know that endorphins dull the memory of pain over time but I'm thinking that this lady is going to think twice about getting pregnant again.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

How much more will we put up with

They say Islam is a religion of peace.
I seems that is it also a religion that mutilates children.

Why must children pay for their parents ignorance?

Our tax dollars at work

When will the insanity end?
The muslim inmates wouldn't even be there if they had respected our laws first!
Many muslims wipe their ass without using toilet paper, but apparently taking a piss while facing Mecca is taboo.

Prison officials need to put a mirror on the wall instead, so the inmates can face their own ignorance.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Show of Stupidity

what a stupid idiot....
Am I really required to respect this?

Friday, January 26, 2007

The Joys of Fatherhood

Not a day goes by that I don't recognize the influence my Dad has had on my life. I think of his work ethic, his morality, his sense of decency, the way he treats people and always gives them a fair shake. I think of all the weekends he wasted driving me around to hockey tournaments and freezing his butt off in those cold arenas just to watch me play. I think of how he taught me to use the hammer, table saw, drill press, but mostly I remember that he instilled in me a sense of worth, self confidence and decency. People say I'm just like him, and that makes me proud.

I'd thank God my father wasn't a muslim, but there is no God - especially for this poor girl.

Ahh the joys of fatherhood.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Stop Tolerating Intolerance

Events at the Minneapolis Airport lately are extremely disturbing. Apparently Muslim taxi drivers are refusing to transport people carrying alcohol. It's as if they think Islamic law applies to non-muslims.
I almost blew a gasket when I heard this reported as simply some pious Muslims practicing their faith. What a load of bullshit. This is a concerted, co-ordinated effort to force their religious beliefs on the rest of us.
First, its refusing to transport alcohol, then its refusing to transport women who don't have bags (hajib) over their heads. Where the fuck does it end?

Of all the religions that I rail against, Islam is the most discusting, degrading, homophobic, ignorant, woman-hating pile of crap I have ever seen.

I don't even know how to solve this, but I wonder what would happen if everyone refused to take a Taxi from a Muslim? I imagine the Muslims would be screaming religous discrimination...... how ironic.

God's Plan

If you think that god's plan should be allowed to include this, then you're as sick as the god you worship.
If you had the power to stop that from happening and did not use that power, then you are immoral.

Those that have the means to correct an injustice have the obligation to do so. It says so right in the constitution. That one sentence summarizes what this wonderful country is about.

If you're wondering what this atheist believes in. Now you know!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Saint Useless

The German Shepherd Rescue organization that I belong to rescued a shepherd that had been tied to a tree in the backwoods of Spokane. Hikers found the dog emaciated and dehydrated and contacted us. Which brings me to the feast of San Anton that is being celebrated today. For those of you who don't know San Anton is the patron saint of animals. Devout catholics line up for hours to munch on roasted pig, beef and lamb and have priests bless their pets.

Too bad they don't bless the million+ animials that are euthanized every year and the million+ animals that die each year from abuse and neglect. No that would be too hard. Let's just bless the animals that belong to people who care about them enough to bring them to a priest to be blessed.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

It's A Miracle - Not

Like many of you out there, the news that they had found 2 kidnapped young boys Ben and Shawn brought a deep sense of joy to me on friday. I can't imagine the hell that both those families have gone thru. I wish Ben and Shawn all the best and hope that they can overcome this.

They're calling it a miracle but I'd like to disagree on that point. A miracle would have been God stepping in 4 years ago and killing that miserable excuse for a human being. After all Michael Devlin was God's creation and it was His responsibility to do something about it. Yes folks my definition of a miracle is God owning up to His responsibilities and not requiring our children to be raped and murdered for His mistakes.

Its in the constitution.....those that have the ability to correct an injustice have an obligation to do so. But then why would we hold God up to our lowly moral standards?

Thursday, January 11, 2007

You're NOT God

This seems to crop up quit a bit. Religious folk blurring the line between praising God and thinking they are God. I've seen it in the comments to the Blasphemy Challenge. It seems that when I insult God, people think I'm talking to them personally and become incensed. But I'm not talking to them at all. Maybe they get incensed because they think they are.
Case in point.

Monday, January 8, 2007

My Kingdom for a Country

If Atheists are really interested in emancipating themselves from the rest of the world here's how we can do it. Buy our own country. That's right folks a country is for sale, and what a deal it is.
I'm telling you the possibilities are endless. Our own constitution, laws, a wall between church and state so impenetrable that God couldn't even bring it down, and, of course, the taxation of religious institutions for the good of humankind.


Sunday, January 7, 2007

Bootcamp 101

I have been deceiving myself for a while now. I'm not actually fat.
Turns out i'm fucking OBESE. It's a not so proud day for me; I can now officially shop at Walmart and "fit in" to the crowd - so to speak.

It's hard to acknowledge this without wanting to just crawl into bed and cry for a couple of days. But crying doesn't help - unless of course it burns a lot of calories. So instead, I'm off to boot camp on monday. 1 Hour of forced exercise 3 times a week.
Let's hope my heart doesn't give out.

My blog will now publish my daily weigh-in in hopes that a little humiliation will prevent me from going to the candy machine.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Predictions or Wishful Thinking?

Psychics, charletans all, are up to their old games, telling us they know what's going to happen in 2007 - the year of the PIG I might add. Most of it is pretty much harmless and if you look at the stats, pretty much bullshit. My feeling is that most predictions are just a form of wishful thinking. Like Jessica Simpson will decide to retire from public life and Donald Trump will be fired.

Be careful what you wish for though, because wishes give insight into your soul.

That is if you have one.