Sunday, January 14, 2007

It's A Miracle - Not

Like many of you out there, the news that they had found 2 kidnapped young boys Ben and Shawn brought a deep sense of joy to me on friday. I can't imagine the hell that both those families have gone thru. I wish Ben and Shawn all the best and hope that they can overcome this.

They're calling it a miracle but I'd like to disagree on that point. A miracle would have been God stepping in 4 years ago and killing that miserable excuse for a human being. After all Michael Devlin was God's creation and it was His responsibility to do something about it. Yes folks my definition of a miracle is God owning up to His responsibilities and not requiring our children to be raped and murdered for His mistakes.

Its in the constitution.....those that have the ability to correct an injustice have an obligation to do so. But then why would we hold God up to our lowly moral standards?

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