Saturday, February 3, 2007

Is there no honor among terrorists?

The world was shocked to learn that the truce between Fatah and Hamas has been violated.
Apparently there is no honor among terrorists. But then any reasonable person would have known this. Is there anyone out there who could provide evidence that any truce has been upheld by these fuckers?
I would dearly like the Palestinian people to have a homeland and live in peace with Israel, but even if they agreed on the land, etc, etc, I fear that terrorism will always be the primary method of diplomacy for Muslims. As soon as they don't get the next thing they want, they'll be blowing shit up again. It's the elephant in the room that nobody wants to acknowledge. They have raised generation after generation to believe that a mother should feel great pride when her son blows himself up killing woman and children. I feel nothing but pity for the Palestinians, pawns in a struggle between the axes of evil (Christianity, Judaism and Islam), because somewhere along the way they lost their humanity.

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